Vidya infotech web automation service
Vidya infotech web automation service


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Discover the Secret Weapon Automation replaces human work in repetitive, tedious tasks, and minimizes the number of errors.  With the right automation tools it is possible to automate browser tasks, web testing, and online data extraction, to fill forms, scrape data, transfer data between applications, and generate reports.Hospitals with data processes, real estate companies with changing listings, and anyone with order entry or the need to find and use data, all rely on automation tools to perform essential functions and stay competitive.

Web automation replaces human with software for repetitive and tedious tasks, such as:

  • Form filling
  • Screen scraping
  • Data extraction and transfer between applications
  • Website testing
  • Periodical report generation

Small businesses, as well as huge enterprises, benefit from web automation solutions. Here are a few examples of what companies do.

When a client relations management system registers a new customer, create a new queue in ticket tracker. For every service, that customer requested inside CRM, create a new ticket in an appropriate queue. Web automation combines two focused products to deliver complete customer satisfaction workflow.

Another example. Typeform provides a stunning interface for complex forms submission. But can not process collected data. WebMerge fills Excel spreadsheets and run calculations. But has a deterring appearance for unprepared customer. Web automation connects data from Typeform to WebMerge spreadsheets. Result — instant project cost estimation.